Jaytee Solutions offer a number of services to help you build and run a secure internet presence. The links on this page take you to our advice and information pages where you can learn about security and the way in which Jaytee Solutions can support your enterprise.

  • Design Services
We have experience in designing solutions for small office sites through to data centre implementations.
  • Project Management
From our experience of major projects, we can offer a cradle to grave service. This leaves you free to control your business without having to learn the detail of IT implementations.
  • Service Management
This is really part of our Project Management offering and because of this our link takes you to the same page. We are showing it as a separate item as it is a natural entry point if you already have an IT implementation but you need professional assistance in its running and ongoing development.
  • Service Monitoring
Our service monitor brings data centre style awareness to your desktop without the capital costs.
  • Web Hosting
We offer a hosting service for small businesses from our servers located in the UK. A design service is also available through our partner, Fury Unleashed.
  • Information
Learn about security issues and techniques.